Tanning and leather industries

The best and finest types of leather

TAIF SOURCES CORPORATION (TQASCO-T) has a long track record in leather manufacturing, which goes back to 1985 when the first factory was opened in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and then moved to Yemen. However, it is currently operated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In Leather Manufacturing, we rely on genuine Saudi and Yemeni skins, such as the wet blue sheep skins,  pickled skins, short haired skins, and the Harry type (which is perfect for Cabritta leather, shoes and high-quality leather products), in addition to the green salted tanned and dry salted tanned cow skins from Saudi Arabia or Yemen, as well as Wet salted Holland Cow Hides.

Developing this level of excellence is the story of a successful vertical expansion, run by founders who are pioneers in the production and export of premium quality leather in Saudi Arabia and  Yemen.

This is why TAIF SOURCES CORPORATION (TQASCO-T), is pioneer in the field of leather tanning and products, where high quality European chemicals and the state-of-the-art and well-planned technologies are used, in accordance with the latest standards.

TAIF SOURCES CORPORATION (TQASCO-T). is one of the best Leather Tanneries in Saudi Arabia and Yemen, which made it able to make innovations of its kind such as using the skins of goats, sheep and cows to produce gloves, clothes, furniture, shoes and handbags. Thanks to Allah and the joint remarkable efforts of the management and staff, we have started the production of crest leather for Gloves/Shoes to meet the needs of our loyal and current customers.

Leather Tanning is the process of transforming the skin of an animal after stripping it into a useful leather product. The tanning process protects the skin from being rotten and makes it flexible and durable. Livestock is the main source of leather, while deer, goat and sheep skins are another important source of leather that is widely used. Some of the distinctive tanned leather is made of the skins of crocodiles, sharks and snakes. The tanned leather is used for manufacturing boots, belts, gloves, coats, hats, shirts, pants, skirts, and handbags, in addition to many other products.

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