Who are we :

TAIF SOURCES CORPORATION (TQASCO-T) was established in 1990.

For more than three decades, we have strongly strengthened our presence in the local and international markets. We gained full experience in multiple economic fields, most notably (Tanning & Leather Industries), through which we achieved an absolute pioneering position at the regional and international and took the lead of Saudi Companies capably and with distinction in terms of “Export Performance” of leather .

Our Economic Sectors

We pay great attention to expansion and spread, whether in terms of markets or in terms of the products we supply.

Accordingly, in our successive successes at TAIF SOURCES CORPORATION (TQASCO-T), we rely mainly on scientific research and field studies, through which we measure the general indicators and specific features of any product we think of putting on the market, in accordance with a development and modernization strategy that is chronic in its phased framework and tightly controlled in terms of production and competition standards. Thus, TAIF SOURCES CORPORATION (TQASCO-T) has 4 business activities .

  • Our Mission

    We have a great and unlimited passion to serve our customers.

    We do not evaluate our success by financial indicators, but through the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Our goal

    To be distinguished through a sustainable growth driven by innovation, improving talents, and responsible care.

    TAIF SOURCES CORPORATION (TQASCO-T) intends to achieve its vision through sustainable growth, driven by innovation in operations, products, research and development, which can be only achieved by providing a developed and talented workforce while maintaining health, safety and the environment.

  • Our Vision

    Prosperity through Innovation.

    TAIF SOURCES CORPORATION (TQASCO-T) is moving forward to create a dynamic and sustainable growth, aiming to achieving the improvement and prosperity of its employees and society as well as to contributing in the growing economy of Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

Our Company

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