About Us

TAIF SOURCES CORPORATION (TQASCO-T) was established in 1990.

For more than three decades, we have strongly strengthened our presence in the local and international markets. We gained full experience in multiple economic fields, most notably (Tanning & Leather Industries), through which we achieved an absolute pioneering position at the regional and international and took the lead of Saudi Companies capably and with distinction in terms of “Export Performance” of leather.

Moreover, all TACT LANES activities merged with TAIF SOURCES CORPORATION For the purpose of unifying and strengthening the group’s activity and to meet the intense competition and market challenges.

Our commercial and investment vision is not limited to this sector only, but also extends to many vital sectors such as:

  • Agricultural Fertilizers.
  • Building Materials.
  • Foodstuffs.

TAIF SOURCES CORPORATION (TQASCO-T) is an “inspirational” success story.

Our adoption of the highest standards of safety and quality has made us gain unlimited confidence of our customers around the world in a very short time.

What we are committed to… Now and in the Future:

  1. Providing support services of highest quality at the local and international levels.
  2. Leading the profession in the field of Customer Service and Value.
  3. Meeting challenging demands in the local market with superior ability.
  4. Customer Satisfaction and Excellence, which is the cornerstone of our continuous market leadership.
  5. High flexibility which allows us to take advantage of the great opportunities that exist in the era of rapidly growing technologies and multinational corporations.

What we are always proud of:

To continuously and effectively exceed ourselves and the others through honest competition, that recognized through high transparency and renewed ambition in order to remain real (an Added Value) in the current Arab and international economic scene and not only a formal addition on the margins of our current time.

Our qualitative achievements are remarkable and an indicator of our excellence,

Our expansion and big market share is a tangible proof that we are working to excel,

We are always on the lead.